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About Radiant Health Wellness​

  Radiant Health Wellness is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to promoting holistic health and creative fulfillment across the life span. Founded in 1993 our services include individual treatment sessions, classes, workshops, retreats and trainings in yoga, dance, massage therapy, neurodevelopmental movement and health education. We have trained over 150 teachers of Radiant Health Yoga and many facilitators of Dancing Mindfulness Conscious Dance.

  Relieving pain and facilitating healing of the bodymind disconnect has been the guiding focus of our organizations ministry. We know that stressful contemporary lifestyles, touch deprivation and psycho-physical trauma have a fragmenting effect on the bodymind and are at the root of many preventable degenerative conditions. We teach multi-disciplinary self care practices that access the body's wisdom and reinforce inner strengths on the path to health and wholeness.

We gratefully accept tax deductible donations that allow us to fund special projects that offer low cost services to the under-served and financially challenged. Our mission is to provide accessible services to people of all ages, across the life span, regardless of economic status. Since 1993, our founder and director,  Joanna Cashman, has offered therapeutic and creative services across the United States and in Canada, Ireland, Russia, Mexico and the Ukraine. 


  We are delighted that you have visited our site and hope that you will treat yourself to one of our many therapeutic services soon.

  Click on our "Classes" page for current yoga and dance offerings.

  Click on "Massage" page for a menu of therapeutic massage and Acutonics services.

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Radiant Health Yoga® Teacher Training.

For all other questions use contact page e-mail or call Joanna directly (360) 870-6093


​OR State licensed Massage Therapist # 19329

Call River Rd Massage at 541-461-7777 to schedule a massage


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