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DANCING MINDFULNESS: Where Yoga Meets, Mindfulness Meditation and Conscious Dance

Joanna is a certified teacher of Dancing Mindfulness, a practice developed by Jamie Marich PhD, that uses the art form of dance as the primary medium for discovering mindful awareness. We dance through seven primary areas of mindfulness in motion: breath, sound, body, story, mind, spirit, and fusion. By integrating the philosophical attitudes of mindfulness into somatic self-sensing, participants tap into their body’s own healing resources and liberate the unique native language of their own creativity. Guided by a diverse musical soundscape, Dancing Mindfulness is a channel for accessing mindful awareness that can be practiced individually or with a group in a wide variety of community, educational, retreat and clinical settings. In this holistic practice we draw no arbitrary lines of separation between dance as therapy, art, recreation, or contemplation. This practice of dancing free will strengthen your body, liberate your creativity and empower your journey towards wholeness. Discover how the timeless power of music and dance can be your muse, your healer, your friend.

COALESSENCE ECSTATIC DANCE: Every Sunday 10:00 am and every Tuesday 6:00 pm at The Wow Hall 291 W. 8th Ave, Eugene, OR. Joanna is a resident DJ. Visit for details. 

BRAIN WORK - Integrative Brain Dance: Explorations in Neurodevelopmental Movement

Come explore the Six Patterns of Total Body Connectivity and other neurologically nourishing movement practices. Joanna integrates techniques from the HANDLE Institute, Brain Gym, Brain Dance, Bartenieff Movement Fundamentals, and Body Mind Centering. Simple, brain-based developmental movement sequences enrich soma and psyche and underlie all movement expression. Take this opportunity to strengthen neural pathways that support whole brain function, whole person engagement, as you develop your kinesthetic intelligence, and become a more coordinated, dynamic, mover. These practices are especially helpful for individuals in the performing arts, sports or those with learning disabilities, attention deficit issues, traumatic brain injury, stroke and coordination challenges. Private sessions for children and adults are available. Together we create an individualized practice that addresses your goals. Call (360) 870-6093 to schedule an appointment.

CONTEMPORARY DANCE:Technique and Improvisation

Deepen your journey into the art of dance. Learn how freedom and discipline unite and empower each other. Engage both hemispheres of the brain as you develop a strong, flexible, expressive bodymind. Get connected to your core and discover how physical skills and expressive resources can take your body where your spirit wants to go. Explore the full spectrum of the dance experience by learning both the fundamentals of contemporary dance technique and creative dance improvisation. This technique class is rooted in the Bill Evans Method: a Laban/Bartenieff approach to Modern Dance. Performance opportunities available with Wild Grace Dance Theater. Visit Joanna's YouTube Channel for examples of her creative work "Joanna Cashman Dance."



Inspired by the creative work of dance pioneer, Barbara Mettler.

Barbara Mettler (1907-2002) was an early American pioneer of the creative dance movement. She was influenced by the renown modern dancers Rudolf Laban and Mary Wigman and by Isadora Duncan's free approach to dance. She dedicated herself to teaching the art of creative dance to awaken the whole person, cultivate creativity and to encourage artistic discipline. Believing that expressive body movement was a basic human need for people of all ages and abilities, she excelled at facilitating the art of group dance improvisation. This course will stimulate your imagination, awaken your body and empower your creative spirit. You will be guided through creative dance studies that expand your movement vocabulary and ability to co-create satisfying improvised dances with others. No prior dance experience is required. Emphasis will be placed on developing skills related to organic development of unison movement themes, skillful use of time, force, space, weight and flow. Develop your kinesthetic listening skills. Balance personal with collective needs and satisfy your hunger for nourishing group dance experiences. Get out of your movement ruts and experience the immediacy of collective creativity. This class is based on the pioneering work of Barbara Mettler and is taught by a former member of the Barbara Mettler Dance Company.



Chakra Dance Journey is a danced journey through the seven major energy centers of the body-mind. A playful exploration that unites the teachings of yoga with the power of creative dance. You will be carefully guided through contemplative and expressive movement explorations that allow you to access your creative spirit, rekindle your joy of movement and embrace the transformative powers of each chakra. In this work there are  no steps to learn,  just the space to dance freely through inner landscapes that lead to transformative personal insights. This interdisciplinary practice includes journal writing, drawing, yoga, dance and offers you a delicious reunion with your body and with your inner life. Give yourself this gift of self care in a supportive community of kindred spirits. No prior experience in yoga or dance is required. Chakra Dance Journey has been offered in  7 day retreat formats and shorter workshop formats that focus on one or two chakras per event.



was dedicated to the investigation of contemporary dance and inter-disciplinary performance art. The company blended elements of contemporary dance and improvisation to create kinesthetic theater and movement rituals that comment on the complexities of our times and articulate the connections between psyche, soma, self and community. The company was founded in 1993 by it's artistic director Joanna Cashman, who received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance Performance and Choreography from Arizona State University. Performances in Russia, Ukraine, Canada, New Mexico, New York,and in the Pacific Northwest have featured Cashman's choreography and provided contemporary dancers with opportunities to share their artistry and love of dance.  Click on the "Gallery" tab on this site for WGDT photo.