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Here Is What Our Graduates Said:


  "I am ever so grateful for my training with you - a very happy alum I am. So many doors have opened

because of my yoga training and the philosophy behind Radiant Health Yoga. Radiant Health Yoga has

allowed for me to bring in experiences from dance, Laban, Mind-body Centering. It is all so wonderful.

Here's to many more successful trainings - you rock! "

Deborah Birrane ~ Seattle WA

  When I reflect on the time spent at RHY's teacher training, I am filled with immense gratitude and joy.

Joanna's comprehensive and developmental program, along with her assertive teaching style, invites

challenge and growth both personally and professionally.. Joanna's extraordinary genuine approach to life,

fierce dedication to Yoga, and unconditional positive regard for humanity provided safe and fertile ground

for students to grow and transform in a profound way. The holistic and person-centered emphasis Joanna

applies to her Yoga practice aligns with healing in a healthy and meaningful way. RHY is a balanced and

practical way to practice Yoga since it is rooted in the ancient teachings of Hatha Yoga and contemporary

body-mind science. Joanna is a phenomenal role model not only in the realm of Yoga Teacher, but also as

a compassionate, dedicated, and efficacious human being. I will forever carry her voice and wisdom with

me on and off the mat.

Lisa Zaehringer 


  "Absolutely wonderful! The integration of anatomy, physiology, neurodevelopmental movement, philosophy and imagery was very well laid out and directed towards therapeutic applications. I knew this was going to be a great training, but it turned out to be much more than I had expected. I absolutely loved it."


  "The Radiant Health Yoga Teacher Training was extraordinary! The quality of teaching - both content and style - was professional and inspiring. Joseph Lowman, the author of Mastering the Techniques of Teaching, says the three components of exceptional teaching are knowledge of the subject matter, passion for the subject, and a bit of performance art. The favorable combination of all three is not all that comon, but it was ever-present at the training. The organization of each day was planned efficiently to maximize the amount of time spent in input, synthesis, and activity, with much appreciated attention to post-prandial dips!

I gained considerable knowledge and awareness of approaches to accomodate students with physical limitations. The attendees as well were all such wonderful contributors. Each brought their own special perspective and body of knowledge from life and work and shared graciously. It was a rare gathering. Thank You!"

Beth Whitney-Teeple / Steilicoom, WA.


  "Expansive, embodied, challenging, honest and generous. Thank you for the clear thoughtful gift that greeted me everyday of the training. I especially liked the exploration of brain function in relationship to neurodevelopemental movement and yoga practice. The history and philosophical basis of yoga and the in-depth posture focus were also very valuable. Rich in content, intelligently paced, validating of each individual's process. A healing space."


  "The training was very holistic. It was well planned and executed. I felt supported and nurtured throughout the process. The instructors and other students were all so committed and dedicated; that clear intention was apparent from day one. I value the experience beyond words. Thank you one and all."


  "It was a really amazing experience. I felt comfortable and safe in the environment. It was exhausting, but also exhilarating. I am really glad I was able to be a part of this training. I feel I now have a balanced, knowledgeable foundation for both my personal practice and teaching. I learned so much and I know I will be able to help others with my new knowledge."


  "Integrative, supportive and creatively designed. I found the neurodevelopmental studies to be extremely valuable and inspiring. Excellent anatomy and physiology related to in-depth asana focus."


  "Personal issues arose during and because of this training. I felt supported and able to go deeper into them and sensed how they related to my body. For the first time I clearly saw the connection between body, mind and therefore spirit. The training presented all of the technical aspects of yoga and more. Thank you"

  "The Radiant Health Yoga Teacher Training fulfilled my expectations and went beyond to become a pivotal experience in my life as well as in my practice of Yoga. This makes sense, really, since Yoga is the union of all our faculties. Joanna is a generous teacher. She invited me to experience her sense of fascination with the material and offered respect for the individual flavor that each of us bring to Yoga. I studied the all important aspects of yoga such as philosophy, anatomy, developmental patterns, the intricacies of breath, spirit, muscles, the architecture of being… What a gift it was, and months later I continue to integrate the wealth of knowledge shared during the training.
  My practice deepened greatly and I have the great pleasure of sharing my love of yoga with students in the ways that Joanna emphasizes: safety- physical and psychological, the substitution of curiosity for judgment, sensitivity to the needs of each individual supported by educated practice of the asanas. So much can be said. On completion of this glorious experience, I know much more about myself and yoga, and I am a safe teacher for my students, adhering to the core concept of Ahimsa, the practice of non-harm. This became my offering—deep respect for the individual experience and range.
  A final word on the pleasure and the honor of studying with my comrades-in-learning: I benefited greatly from interaction with the other students. For two weeks, I learned in company, developing compassion for the struggles of others and appreciation for the perspective and brilliance of others. It nourished me to study in community. I wish you a similar experience brightened with the light of your Yoga colleagues."


Claudia David


  "I am still so grateful for the RHY Training I received form you. With each new training I take I realize what a great foundation I was given at Radiant Health Yoga. I still refer to my manual often and know that I have years of learning yet to gain from it. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and for teaching with an open heart."

Becky Tudor / Montreal, QC


  "Thank you so much! Taking your Yoga Intensive is the singularly best decision I've ever made. I'm really happy with the direction it has taken me in life! You guys should be proud of your role in improving people's life experiences. Again Thank you SO MUCH!

Bevin Duncan / Olympia, WA.

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